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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

... “ I have advanced arthritis and it is difficult to walk even short distances without pain.  A neighbor kid who is 9 years old let me ride his adult Dirt King trike and I was able to give my dog a walk around the block for the first time.   It is not possible for me to walk around the block, but peddling did not bother my hip joint.   I thought my tricycle riding days were over, but the Dirt King adult dually has changed my mind!”

MK Fowler, Topeka, Kansas.

…”It’s virtually indestructible and safe, kids can’t pick it up and throw it because of the weight and it won’t tip over like the cheap trikes made overseas.  We were buying 3 to 5 replacement trikes every year until we got our first Dirt King trike.”

-    Day Care Center, Owner and Operator

…”I prefer the off road look and durability of Dirt King for my kids.  I also like the fact it is American made.  Dirt King is like the Harley Davidson of trikes.”

-    Kids Riding Competition Event, Parent

“Our Dirt King bike was previously owned and given to us in perfect condition.  It has withstood a handful of summers and winters (yes, they ride it in the snow).  It is indestructible and a favorite with my three boys.  The only thing that could harm it was the family van, which ran it over and bent the pedals.  Naturally, we were desperate for parts.  When we called MCM, we were given one-on-one prompt, friendly service and a very reasonable price.  The new pedals were shipped immediately and the Dirt King was up and running in a week.  Thank you!”

-       Karen Abel, Clarksburg, PA

…”We have always lived on a farm and when my son was 3 years old we got him a Dirt King.  He rode it over grass, gravel and dirt because of the knobby air tires.   My son is now 17 and we still have the Dirt King to pass on to his kids, our grandkids.”

-    County Fair, State Farm Agent

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