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Here's what you need to know...

Here's what you need to know...

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Looking to buy a tricycle? Here is what you need to know about the family of Dirt King Tricycles…

Children's tricycle.

Dirt King Childrens:

We started building the standard Dirt King in 1983 and have sold thousands of them to child daycare and Head Start programs around the

country. We’ve got the perfect trike for the little boy or girl in your life.


Dirt King Big Kids Dually:

Dirt King offers something different for kid ages 7 to 10 who are taller and bigger and desire to ride something other than a bike.


Dirt King Adult Dually:

In the late 1990’s, the Adult Trike came into being. The Adult Trike was sold primarily to party rental companies in the beginning for team building events but later became a big hit in professional basketball and hockey half-time events.

Childs Dually

Dirt King Child Dually:


In the early 1990’s, the Dirt King Dually was added to offer little boys and girls a fun off-road look. This tricycle can easily be upgraded to allow seven year olds to adults to get in on the fun.

Red Cruiser Wagon Dirt King Cruiser Cart

Buy Tricycle Review- Why Dirt King?

The Buy Tricycle Review covers the differences to buying the right tricycle for your child and youngster. If you are thinking to buy a tricycle or a Dirt King Tricycle in particular, we’re going to explain the differences between trike products- which you will find are many.

**Buy Tricycle Tip 1- Usually when purchasing a tricycle, it is always suggested to buy a tricycle that is the correct size for your child, rather than something they will grow into. Dirt King offers an adjustable seat mount and modular trike design that allows your child to ride a Dirt King into adulthood and to be adjusted back down again for smaller children.

First Tricycle- Starting at 4 Years

Red childrens tricycle.

A tricycle is normally used to teach a child two basic skills- steering and pedaling.

If you have ever watched a child on a tricycle for the first time, you will see that they are learning how to steer. They will not be going anywhere but simply moving the steering handles back and forth which is the first step. Once the basic movement of steering has been mastered, they will begin to use their legs to push their trike around. Now comes the fun part of either the parent helping their child pushing the pedals for them or the child starting on his own. We have now entered the first real experience of riding for the first time.

Purple Childrens Tricycle.Green Childrens Tricycle.

The Dirt King childrens tricycle has a wide wheel base and sits low to the ground. At the time of this writing, there is not a bucket seat available but we may offer one soon. What we do offer is a steel frame design that is virtually indestructible, offering a tricycle that is safer and more durable than the standard bucket seat trike’s made of plastic or wood.

Best Thing To Do…

If you can, take your child with you to check the size of the tricycle, with Dirt King, the seat is adjustable and may not work only for the smallest of children. Even if you have the seat all the way up, the wide wheel base will normally keep it from tipping over.

**Buy Tricycle Tip 2- The majority of younger children tricycles are built to remain indoors, because they are so low to the ground that they cannot be seen by cars, making them susceptible to cars in the drive way. The Dirt King is best suited for the outdoors and has been family tested by the letters we received claiming its indestructibility. You may lose a wheel but the Dirt King frame has weathered the test. The frame alone has been tested at our manufacturing site to exceed 250 lbs.

4 to 6 Year Olds

The majority of childrens tricycles are aimed at this age group. If you are looking for a particular style, the Dirt King offers a rugged and sturdy look with a smooth ride to conquer any terrain that stands in its way. Plastic tricycles are more suited for the younger children as the weight of an older child can tip a lighter trike. The Dirt King Tricycle is hand welded and constructed of heavy duty 14 and 16 gauge steel.

Dirt King Childs Dually, yellow.



What To Look For…

You want to find a trike that has wheels with tread for better traction, plastic wheels tend to slip and slide. Dirt King offers all terrain pneumonic tires with deep tread equipped with 5/8 inch ball bearings that delivers a very smooth ride. Dirt King comes with padded and adjustable handle bars and an adjustable seat for more comfort.

**Buy Tricycle Tip 3- Before you make a final purchase, pick out a suitable bike helmet. A tricycle, or any bike for that matter, should be accompanied by a helmet. As of this writing, we currently do not offer bike helmets from this website but plan to soon!

7 years old and beyond...




This is where Dirt King stands alone. Due to the engineered modular design, the heavy duty tricycle for children (ages 3 to 6) can be upgraded to allow your youngster to continue to ride for another 3 to 4 years and beyond. If you are having a hard time getting your youngster outdoors, the Big Kids Tricycle look and ride is sure to win them over.

**Buy Tricycle Tip 4- Health studies have shown that pedaling for just 6 hours a week can help fight off disease and promote health. The Dirt King Tricycle is sure to motivate your youngster to get outside and ride a trike that is sure to impress.



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