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    Dee Hampton, Gray, TN

    My name is Dee Hampton. As I was cleaning out old files in our office this morning, I found a flyer dated 1996 advertising the DIRT KING " the All Terrain Trike". We had gone to a outdoor power show in Louisville, KY that year and saw your booth. Our daughter was 4 at that time and after we got back home we decided to purchase one of these trikes for her.

    I just wanted to let you know that trike was the hit of the neighborhood. She ended up taking it to our lawn mower shop and most of the "big kid" customers had a ball with it when she wasn't riding it. Every kid in our neighborhood has grown up riding that trike. Now after 20 years, it still looks brand new!! It is in storage waiting for the grandkids to come along.

    Just wanted to say thank you for building such a tough trike. The quality of your equipment is absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work and I hope you are still making these for future generations!

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    “My son is now 17 and we still have the Dirt King to pass on to his kids – our grandkids.”

    “Dirt King is like the Harley Davidson of trikes.”

    Judith Ackerson,  Georgia and Wisconsin

    I spend my summers in a small town on Lake Michigan, where I live only a mile from downtown.  I bought two Adult Duallys and two Big Kid Duallys so that my husband, two young grandchildren and I could ride safely in the bike lanes next to the street as well as on the bike trails along the water.  The kids haven't got the experience to maneuver bikes so close to traffic and I no longer have the requisite sense of balance, so these trikes allow us freedom we would otherwise not have.  

    Tonya Seaman, DPT

    Physical Therapist
    Capable Kids, Valley Rehabilitation Services St. Francis Regional Medical Center

    The Dirt King Childs Dually Tricycle allows our children, who are not riding bikes, to ride a peer appropriate looking trike with confidence.  It fits a variety of children of varying abilities and ages.  It is a great exercise motivator and product.  We recommend it to parents to work on strength, motor planning, exercise, and family play!

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    ..."I have advanced arthritis and it is difficult to walk even short distances without pain. A neighbor kid who is 9 years old let me ride his adult Dirt King trike and I was able to give my dog a walk around the block for the first time. It is not possible for me to walk around the block, but peddling did not bother my hip joint. I thought my tricycle riding days were over, but the Dirt King adult dually has changed my mind!"

    MK Fowler, Topeka, KS

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